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Jun. 10th, 2013


A new story "Time for Heroes"

TITLE: Time for Heroes

SUMMARY: Naruto had known he had hated Sasuke from the moment he laid eyes in him. Okay, so perhaps not that exact moment, but it couldn’t have been long after - perhaps it had been when the bastard had opened his mouth and brutally dissected Naruto, his music and his band. Yeah, that had probably been it. So why is he kissing him all the time? Rock Star AU

PAIRING: NaruxSasuxNaru

OTHER CHARACTERS: Sakura, Gaara and Kakashi

AUTHOR: Heroes Can Save You (me!)

can be read over at fanfiction.net http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9373837/1/Time-For-Heroes

WARNINGS: There are currently three chapters up and the whole thing is rated M for these reasons: drinking, smoking, rock and roll, bad language, drug references and use, references to England and British things and sexual situations.


I was inspired to write when I was chatting about The Libertines with a friend and my head kept saying "ITS JUST LIKE NARUTO AND SASUKE BUT IN A BAND, REAL AND NOT NINJAS" so I wrote this. Its an interesting form I'm playing with - interspersing the story with interviews, press releases, and reviews to put another angle on the story. I hope it works.

Apr. 18th, 2013


My fandom issues

I don't understand, and have real issues with, fanfics and 'otps' where the characters have had NO on screen/page interaction. How can you ship a couple you haven't seen look at each other even once? Its just simply based on 'I think both of these are hot' but there is no chemistry, no interaction NOTHING. It means when you read the fics or whatever neither of them are in character because its impossible to figure out how they would interact in an AU or non canon situation when you have NO idea how they react to each other in the manga/tvshow/film.

I don't mind people sometimes strapping their shipping goggles on and seeing romance where there is no romance (aka most ships) or seeing it in an untypical couple - I'm thinking of something like people liking Gaara/Lee - they've had interaction, they've fought together etc. Hell I may be alone in thinking there is some interest between Agron and Caesar from Spartacus - BUT AT LEAST THEY HAVE SPOKEN TO EACH OTHER. Urgghhh it annoys me and I'm not fully sure why, I just think GOD PEOPLE why do you make up a couple based entirely on I like them both even though they have never once looked at each other.

Apr. 15th, 2013

Glasses Ichi


( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Jun. 13th, 2010

Grimm x Ichi

No-one wants to fight me like you do

Exams are over. The summer has begun, though someone would probably like to tell the english weather that yeah? and England are being shit at football - its clearly world cup time!

I feel I should here complain about the world cup. and I will. DRAWING WITH THE USA? WTF ENGLAND SQUAD?! I HAD BLOODY MONEY ON THAT GAME.  teach me not to gamble =/ Bloody let the ball slip through his hands. Rob Green you owe me money. (I can't stay mad at you, you are too cute)
I'M WRITING =D write at this moment actually a song to 'Combat Baby' by Metric. I recommend listening to it, its bloody amazing. Though I stopped to update on here and have a little moan at things. And a little manga rant as I FINALLY was able to spend the day blissfully chilling out and reading (and watching zombie films - now unbelievably paranoid about zombies, excellent! =( lol)

Behind here I be ruining mangaCollapse )




Jun. 8th, 2010


"Mother, mother, you have murdered me!"

ONE EXAM DOWN BABY =D History you are officially out of my life until well next year, but by Friday English Lit and Philosophy will be out of my life FOREVER. I'm almost feeling nostalgic as I read paradise lost for the last time.

wait screw that last thought.

So anyway after a long (and unbelievably constructive) conversation with one of my lovely fanfiction readers I decided this summer as well as finishing Sing To Me (yes it is getting finished! I've planned it all out I promise! I actually love how its going at the minute so I can't abandon it) I'm going to rewrite Love Lessons.

It's my first fanfiction that isn't just one shots and I'm going to get it right and how I want it damn it! (I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing...) That and the last year of studying English Literature has actually matured my writing, in a weird kinda way!

But considering how long its taking me to do Sing To Me people might kill me. So I leave my stories to errr....anyone who reads this, and my money (which I'm not gonna lie is actually nothing) can go to a fund to pay Kubo to BRING GRIMM BACK ALREADY AND LET HIM HAVE SEX WITH ICHI =D Let it be known to all on here that I loved them....
ooh though if I only take the story down and repost it after I've written it all that might delay death.

Still my exams end on FRIDAY and I return back home, skint and probably with the biggest hangover of my life from the constant end of term parties, two weeks after so I will be back updating and stuff in no time! Because I have four months with NOTHING TO DO other than get a job.

I've got three stories planned out as well, just short ones, a 2nd part to cat and mouse planned. Turns out exam time = i'm plagued by plot bunnies as I try and sleep. Not cool. I know I've mentioned a few times I was going to post up a story and didn't (the one I was writing a few weeks ago died after like half a page) but hopefully when I'm back at home there won't be as many distractions like staring out of my window or going and getting drunk in the bar, because I can and its right outside my house lol.

Can you tell I've been shut away in my room revising all day?

Word vomit over, go back to what you were doing =D

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Jun. 5th, 2010

Hollow Ichi


 Dear shounen jump,

You need to bring out a magazine everyday, because there is no way I can wait a week to find out what happens in Bleach and Naruto.

I'm currently having the worlds biggest attack of OMG.

There are so many questions in both I can't even begin to start asking them.

Just OMG

Naruto - I once again have tears in my eyes at that ending

and Bleach - OMFG sexy Aizen and hints about Ichi's powers! 

*dies from lack of oxygen and Oh My Godding*

May. 11th, 2010

naru red eyes

keep calm and carry on

 My life looks like a scene from Naruto right now (you know one of the ones at the beginning of the chapters where its a scene and Kishimoto had written something down the side? And little Naruto is in his room surrounded by books trying to learn techniques?) In my case the side text would be working hard! and the scene is me eating instant ramen surrounded by books as I try to learn Ninjutsu techniques. (Ninjutsu techniques, history dates, poem quotes, they are all the same when you think about it) and the time of my self imposed internet ban is drawing ever closer.... woe is me. I hate exams. 

While these exams feel less important than my A levels and have no relevance to my overall degree I'm still stressing. I walk around in a grump, permanently feeling like Hollow Ichigo or Dark Naruto (seriously words can't describe how much I love dark naruto, almost as much as I love hollow ichigo....I do enjoy the alter egos of characters =D High five to Kishimoto for that GENIUS of a move) 

Ok so maybe I'm not that bad but still. Pity Me. It seems that when I'm trying to concentrate on my work all I get is a load of plot bunnies for stories....

still my most recent one is epic. so expect a very short facebook inspired (OMG WTF I KNOW I HATE TO DO IT BUT ITS SO COOOOL) NaruSasu oneshot from me this weekend. 

that is all. Return to your lives now =D

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Apr. 26th, 2010

dr who fez

The fullmetal alchemist is back....or I am at least

 So after what has been a disgusting long period away I finally sat myself down and wrote something. I finally FINISHED LOVE LESSONS.

I've been working on this story for so long I can't quite believe it's all over! Now I can hopefully finish Sing To Me and focus on my university work. I never thought I'd have so little time to write here! It makes me so sad!

But still my life is all peachy. Bleach, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fairy Tail and One Piece are currently orgasm worthy, the group scanlating jackals has started up again, House is back on TV, Glee is as awesome as I hoped, I have amazing friends and while I'm skint and have exams looming ever closer I'm still finding that I love my life. 

Sure I still have the odd drama but I feel I've really sorted my life out.

Though I'm sure no-one is really interested in that.

So on news people may care about - I have a new chapter of Sing to me on the go, a Hichi/Ichi oneshot, a possible epilogue for Love Lessons, a naru/sasu planned and a Natsu/Gray story all planned. Just wait till the exams are over in June and I'll be back home and bored all summer with hopefully enough time to do them all!
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Jan. 18th, 2010

sexy light


 So a lot of things happened to result in my complete and utter failure to write recently.

Moving away from home, University work, my friends here, visiting home and I got a new boyfriend. He's older than me =D (continuing on my trend of liking older men....except Ichigo and Naruto who are younger than me yes, but I don't let it bother me lol) He likes Bleach (as in I forced him too) and for the first time in ages I'm really happy in not only a relationship but life. I feel like a new person, much more confident and stuff. Its great.
My current stress is finding a bloody house to live in next year. But I won't bore you with the hours I've spent trawling around grubby student accommodation. We are looking at somewhere really nice soon so I think we'll just take it. Screw expense.

I also started writing on a TV show. Now its nothing too exciting it's just run by the TV channel at University and posted online but still it's the first time that I've been brave enough to show people something I've written you know (and posting your stuff online isn't the same as you are never going to MEET like anyone who has read it) Still as an aspiring writer any experience is good experience right? And it's good to have a break from fanfiction and my own stories and write a script. I have a lot of people on here and fanfiction to thank for me being able to write it though without their kindness and support of my fanfiction writing I probably wouldn't have volunteered for it. I'm even writing a whole episode myself. It's nerve wracking.

I'm thinking about restarting Blueberries and Strawberries once I've finally laid Love Lessons to rest (Sing to Me will take a while) It's less pressure to write that way and I've heard a song or two I could work in. I'm going to do some other pairings to help expand my writing and then at some point post up one of my original short stories on here and see what people think of it....
But I'm thinking before I start it again I need Bleach to end (I can't believe I'm saying that) because I don't want to invent an ending for them that couldn't be true to the manga. I have a few ideas of how one could go but.....until kubo reveals some more plot (ya know squished in amongst the fighting and Ichi's moody serious face) I don't want to ruin it. (I also want it to end as that way I would KNOW what happens to my beloved Grimm and Ichi and everyone but at the same time i don't want it to EVER end. Confusingly contradictory thoughts)
So it's just going to be some new one shots I think. A plot bunny came to me last night for a SasuNaru story and a GrimmIchi. I've not had one in a while so it felt like old times.
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Oct. 12th, 2009

Glasses Ichi

The reason why Bleach makes my life worth living

 Nothing in this world can compare to how amazing the new chapter of bleach is. Honestly.
Except maybe the latest chapter of Naruto.

On another note. I am writing again (because with the latest chapters and the return of my muse Ichigo into the story how could I not?) but jesus do I have a shit load of reading to do for my course. Note to everyone - never take a major and minor subject that is very heavily book based, it not only gives you very little free time but kills your bank balance and makes you resent reading anything. Ever. 


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